crafted by photobiz

“Wendy, I LOVE the photos!!!! You did such a great job with them. My husband loves them, too! ;) I’m always in mom-mode, so they remind me that I can still feel and be sexy! Thank you so much!!!" - Caroline

“WOW. I am totally speechless… Those are amazing!” – Millie

“Oh my!!!!! I was in town when I got the email on my phone, so I rushed home to look at them! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!” – Andrea

“Wendy- It’s been such a crazy week but I wanted to tell you I got the pictures and I LOVE THEM!! You do amazing work and I couldn’t be happier with the results!! They look even better in print than online J Thanks for everything… it was so much fun!” – Miss M

“Got my album!!! I LOVE IT! So beautifully done. Thank you!” – Lindsey

“Hey Wendy, so I just got home and opened the album!! I love it! The pictures look so good. The card is awesome – I am about to write it now – what a birthday card that will be! I put the print in its frame – it really is like a piece of art! I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to working with you again!” – Mrs. P

“Hi Wendy, HE LOVED THEM! He was speechless really. He said never in a million years would he have guessed that I would do something like that but he was sure glad I did. I want to thank you again for making it such a nice experience.” – Mrs. L

“You provided a comfortable, classy experience which allowed me to relax enough to let my personality shine through. The photos definitely reflect that, as they are absolutely stunning! When I got them back, all I kept saying was ‘wow! That’s me!’ Thank you!” - Sarah

“Hi Wendy, We both love the photos! I especially like the lighting that hid all of my wrinkles and the poses that hid all of my body hangups! Thanks so much for getting this done for Valentine’s Day. You are the best!” - Mrs. A

“He really did like all of the pictures and wanted more of them than I picked! He was pretty much speechless because he knows that this is out of my comfort zone but was so proud of them. Thanks again!” - Mrs. L

 “Hey Wendy! Thank you so much for getting the pictures ready so quickly! They were wonderful! I had such a great time looking at them. You did an awesome job! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!” – Laura B

“I LOVE them! I am so excited!” - Laura J

"Hey Wendy! Oh my gosh I'm in love with the pictures. Thank you so much!!" - Madi

"HOLY S**T you are amazing!!!" - Amy

"Hi Wendy, I wanted you to know how much he loved the photos. He kept saying, "You look so beautiful! So beautiful!" and "Wow the photographer did an incredible job!" Just the look on his face when he opened the card was worth every penny! I am so incredibly pleased with the photos! You made me look amazing! Thank you so much!" - Alison